Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saudi Arabia - Gunman kills seven and injuries many in an attack in Jazan

RIYADH: A cross-section of Saudi society on Friday denounced the Jazan massacre that shook the nation on Thursday, when a gunman went on the rampage killing seven education officials and injuring several others in Al-Dair governorate.

The culprit, identified as Abdullah Al-Malki, has been arrested by the Interior Ministry and is under investigation.
“This is totally unacceptable,” Majed Abdullah Al-Hedayan, a legal consultant at the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI), told Arab News. “When we live in a civil society, we must respect the rule of law. Such incidents expose the ugly face of perpetrators of violence. We deplore the act which only highlights complete disregard for humanity,” he said.
Al-Hedayan said that if in any case the gunman was upset with any of the officials at the education department office, as some media outlets cited “personal dispute” as the reason for the brutal gunfire, he should have followed proper procedures as he had the right to lodge a complaint if he was not satisfied with the services or facilities extended to citizens.
Moreover, there are courts to take the legal procedure and deliver justice. “Resorting to violence is no option in a civil society and must be condemned by one and all.”
Abdullah Inayat, a public relations manager, said, “I really feel sorry for the victims of the attack and express my deepest condolences to the families of those killed and wish a speedy recovery of those wounded.” “We are all brothers and sisters and must respect the rule of law to live in peace.”
Mohammad Zeyad, a student in Riyadh, was deeply disturbed to learn about the carnage. “It is cruel and inhuman to kill anybody,” he said. “We do have to cooperate in respecting peace in the society we live in.” Many other students joined him to denounce the massacre.
Source : Arab News