Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Saudi ambassador’s first visit to Somaliland

 Saudi ambassador’s first visit to Somaliland to meet with foreign minister Dr. Saad Ali Shire

Hargeisa, 07 March, 2016 – Saudi Ambassador to Kenya Mr. Ali Al Othman and his delegation made their first visit to the Republic of Somaliland. Foreign Minister Dr Saad Ali Shire and Ambassador Ali Al Othman met each other at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Saudi Ambassador Mr. Ali Al Othman was welcomed by several senior officials Vice Minister Ahmed Aden Ismail, the representative to Yemen Ali Mohamed Ahmed, Director of communications Saleebaan Mahamuud Daahir and the Head of Middle East Desk Fahmi Qasim Mohamed.
Foreign Minister Dr Saad Ali Shire mentioned that the Republic of Somaliland should receive its fair share of aid and development that the Saudi government grants to the Horn of Africa. The Minister made it clear that the Republic of Somaliland should be seen as an independent state. “The Republic of Somaliland declared independence in 1991 in response to the clearly-stated wishes of its people exercising their right to self-determination,” said Foreign Minister Saad Ali Shire.
The Saudi Ambassador Ali Al Othman said, “We are ready to help the Republic of Somaliland to achieve its goal. We can see that Somaliland is peaceful country unlike its neighbouring countries.”
Foreign Minister thanked the Saudi government for helping the people who are affected by drought by providing aid. The Saudi government is willing to build a University hospital in Hargeisa. The ties between these two nations are historical by sharing trade and livestock.
Source : MoFA Somaliland