Monday, April 18, 2016

Ethiopia - Government expressed deep sorrow over the killing of 208 civilians

 The Government of Ethiopia expressed it deep sorrow over the killing of 208 civilians.

Armed militants of South Sudan's Murle tribe infiltrated into Ethiopia on Friday, and attacked 13 kebeles in Anuak and Nuer Zones of the Gambella Regional State, killing 182 civilians so far. The total number of death reached 208 including those killed last month. According to Government Communication Affairs Office (GCAO), the group also kidnapped 100 children and looted more than 2,000 cattle. GCAO Minister, Getachew Reda disclosed on Saturday (April 16, 2016) that the Ethiopian Defense Force has continued with its military operation to release children kidnapped from districts in the regional state of Gambella. He said security forces were chasing the attackers and had killed 60 so far. GCAO related that measures by the defense force have been intensified to locate and release the children. Some 11 armaments of the attackers have been seized and a team of medical personnel have been dispatched to help treat the civilians wounded in the attack, it added.
- MoFA Ethiopia