Thursday, April 21, 2016

Qatar Charity distributes urgent aid in Somaliland

DOHA: The Peninsula - Qatar Charity (QC) has begun distributing urgent humanitarian aid to 30,000 drought-affected people in Somaliland .

The aid includes basic foodstuff, drinking water and medical services, among others.

Distribution will continue throughout the month, QC said in a statement. Food supplies are provided for the families, clean water is distributed through tankers to 7,875 affected people and medical services will be offered to over 2,000 people.

Mobile clinics equipped with necessary machines will be made available to provide services to patients and conduct tests if needed. Doctors and nurses will also be in the targeted areas to raise medical awareness.

In the first phase, food supplies were distributed to 500 families in Della in Somaliland in collaboration with QC office there. The families had earlier received coupons through which they received food supplies. Tribal leaders and village elderly supervised distribution.

Mohammed Rashid Al Ka’bi, Director, Relief Management, QC, said QC sent urgent aid to the affected Somalis because it always ensures quick intervention when a country faces disasters. It is out of a brotherly and moral duty to support anyone in need. Such aid reflects the goodness of the Qatari people. We thank the philanthropists who helped in implementation of this and other relief projects.”The Peninsula