Saturday, April 16, 2016

Somalis heading to Malta to sing for hope

 Three music artists are this weekend headed to Malta with a message of hope for fellow Somalis, who make up the largest African community in Malta.

Flown in from the UK, Norway and Sweden, the two singers and DJ will be taking part in the first Somali music festival organised by the local community tomorrow.

“We want to bring Somalis in Malta together, and what better way than through entertainment?
“Many migrants feel demotivated, and it would be nice if they understood there was another side to life.
“Life could be enjoyable, and we are free to enjoy such things now that we are in a free country like Malta,” Ahmed Nuur Ibrahim, who heads the association, said ahead of the event.

Mr Nuur Ibrahim noted that the Somali community in Malta was relatively new and not as active as other communities such as in the UK. The festival is one in a series of events that would hopefully bring the community together.
Singer Lucky Ali, being flown in from the UK, is a former journalist. He fled persecution in 2008.
“I’d like to encourage Somalis to integrate within the local community, and while they should not forget where they are from, they should try to integrate peacefully and respectfully,” the 35-year-old told this newspaper.
Ms Ali’s songs focus on the turbulence in Somalia, raising awareness about the ongoing civil war and how to resolve it peacefully.
Tomorrow, she will be accompanied by fellow singer Nasteha Warsame, 30, who left Somalia aged five to join her brother in Norway, where he had sought refuge.
The full-time singer and mother-of-one wants to bring with her some hope, and encourage the Somalian community not to give up on their dreams.
Although it was always her dream to sing, she took up singing as a profession some six years ago.
The two female singers, together with Zuher Hersi, known also as DJ Subeer, are being flown over by African Media Association Malta and the local Somali community, who are organising Malta’s first Somali Music Festival.
The organisers would like to bring together not just the Somali community, but they are also inviting Maltese, Africans and other migrants in Malta.
The festival is being held tomorrow at the City Theatre Workers Memorial Building on South Street, Valletta from 4pm onwards.
Source- Times of Malta