Saturday, April 30, 2016

Swedish delegation arrives in Somaliland to discuss the intensification of diaspora projects

28, April 2016, Hargeisa - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation received a large delegation consisting of members of the Swedish embassy and Forum Syd. Per. H Karlsson who is a Senior Programme Manager was very delighted with the reception they received from the government of Somaliland.

 The Swedish delegation were here for three days to meet with Forum Syd office in Hargeisa regarding their annual conference. Prior to this meeting they met with the Minister of Planning Ali Hussein Ismail to talk about the Somaliland National Development Plan. “We are very happy with the progress of the National Development Plan”, added Karlsson.

The Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Adan Ismail (Keyse) was very pleased with their visit to Somaliland, he also anticipates a better coordination between Somaliland Diaspora Agency and Forum Syd. The Vice Minister also said that the ‪#‎Swedish‬ government has been in the past couple of years at the forefront of facilitating the return of ‪#‎Somaliland‬ Diaspora experts back to Somaliland via IOM. The Vice Minister mentioned that this has reduced a lot and wishes to see the return of these IOM projects in Somaliland.
The Chairman of SDA Abdi Hersi who was also present at the meeting raised a matter of pressing concern such as the drought which has affected the Republic of Somaliland persistently. Qoran Noor who is the Program Officer at the Head Office in Stockholm, revealed that they are currently running two Diaspora projects in Somaliland. The Chairman welcomed the ongoing projects in Somaliland and is looking forward to work closely with Forum Syd to increase the level of Diaspora engagement in Somaliland.
Source - MoFA Somaliland