Saturday, April 2, 2016

Tunisian, Algerian and Somalian fighters arrived in Sirte

 Local sources in the city of Sirte said that new fighters from, Somalia, Tunisia and Algeria arrived in Sirte to join the Islamic State (IS).

About 20 fighters arrived in the city at dawn, Friday, on board Toyota vehicles, holding the IS banners and arms, coming from Sabratha and crossing Abu-Najaim, Zamzam and Jaref , sources told Al-Wasat website.

The IS controls Sirte for almost a year, expanded to Bin Jawad in the east, established its own “Emirate and imposed its view of strict laws, and changed school curriculums and weekends”.

Another source said that the group shot dead, Thursday, two brothers from Bin Nayel family, sentenced the third brother with six months in prison.

The two brothers are Emhmed and Mohamed Bin Nayel Maadany from Sirte, accused of “supporting Salafists during events occurred on 13 August 2015 between the IS and Salafists”, sources told Al-Wasat website.

The sources added that both brothers were arrested since three months, imprisoned. Tunisian and Egyptian fighters carried out the execution. The group also executed another Libyan, on Tuesday.

This follows the execution of two former officers, one is a captain, accused of joining the Libyan army troops. Sources said that the two were detained last week.
Source: Libya Prospect