Monday, June 6, 2016

42 mostly women and children from Somaliland massacred in Gashaamo of Ethiopia

42 persons mainly women and children were killed today at Gashaamo of the Somali region of Ethiopia.

All were from Habar Younis Isaaq clan , according to the local reports. It is not known who were behind the attack and why did this massacre happen but this is not the first time that people from Somaliland were massacred in the Somali region of Ethiopia. The Liyu police have been blamed for earlier killings of innocent pastoralists in the region.

Among those killed is Abdi Fuura and two of his sons . Abdi Fuura was a known businessman who owned trucks and worked in Somaliland since the 1960s.
The breakdown of the people massacred today in Gashaamo is 27 from Reer Awl clan of Musa Ismail and 15 from Muse Arre . Both clans belong to Habar Younis of Isaaq.
This is a serious national security development that could create tension between Somaliland and Ethiopia if the federal police or the Liyu Police of the Somali region were involved in this killings.
Somaliland government  has not commented on the massacre of the innocent Somalilanders inside Ethiopia . But it is clear that ethnic cleaning is taking place under the nose of the current administration of the Somali region of Ethiopia and that its leadership is complacent , while  Somaliland goverment is turning a blind eye to the suffering of the people of Haud .