Monday, June 13, 2016

Somaliland - Heavy rains cause deaths and property loss in Hargeisa

Heavy rains that fell Monday  afternoon in Hargeisa killed 2 people and injured atleast 20 others.

The rain accompanied by strong winds felled trees and ripped off rooftops from buildings in the city .
Witnesses that  visited Hargeisa general hospital this evening said that they saw at least 20 persons being treated in the hospital as a result of injuries caused by the falling trees and corrugated roof steel.
Photo: Courtesy of Garaad Cabdiraxmaan Xaaji (FB)

The social media has posted photos from some of the affected areas of the city.
The city has no drainage system with the exception of the rainwater canal that had been built during the colonial era. Water accumulated from the higher areas of the city empty massively into the dry river that zigzags the city with no dams or water reservoirs . The same water joins others from the surrounding hills and mountains and then empties into the sea. Soon after rains stop , people and the government both complain about lack of water and drought.
No system to conserve water in Somaliland is currently in place.