Saturday, June 25, 2016

Somalis from Europe worried about the effects of Brexit

London - The Somalis living in the United Kingdom that have EU citizenship are worried about the effects of Brexit on their status in the UK.

There are tens of thousands of Somalis who have EU citizenship that moved to UK in the 2000s.

Few of these people have since then obtained  UK residence permits as it was not a requirement. Lately and before the Brexit campaign,  quite number of these EU nationals applied for residence permits because benefits were tightened including tax credits for those who work due to the austerity measures in the country. This affects all EU nationals and not the Somalis only.
It is now clear that new applications for residence or citizenship for this group will not be accepted soon. Sources say that housing and tax credits will be cut for that do not work which could then make many families homeless.

The Somalis are now worried that they may be forced to move back to countries like Holland where getting work is difficult for certain ethnic groups.
It is too early to come to a conclusion but it is clear that tens of thousands of Somali families from Europe will be drastically affected by the Exit of the United Kingdom from the E. U.