Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Somalis scared of Facebook after recent EU citizenship withdrawals

(London)- Many Somalis who had used Facebook social media pages for years have now been forced to close their accounts.

 The reason  is that because governments in parts of Europe excluding UK have been using FB to identify the origin and the genuine nationality of asylum seekers in the country. This includes those who had already been granted asylum and citizenship .

Reports coming from Sweden and Norway indicate that the governments of these countries have withdrawn citizenship from people of Somali origin. The reason: their original asylum claim and their Facebook communication and friendship does not match with people from their  original claim. With the freedom provided to millions by the social Media , many among the asylum seekers had taken the opportunity to reach out to as many as possible to socialise and learn from each other. That opportunity is now being denied in parts of Europe  to people like those who came from war-torn Somalia.
Many among the affected Facebook users have now moved to using WhatsApp for communications with their relatives and friends. And although WhatsApp belongs to Facebook , it does not match the wider visual and page services given by Facebook.
The news has spread through word of mouth among asylum seekers of Somali origin and there is wide scare in the continent of possible deportations due to Facebook leaks. This story is from the side of the Somalis only but it could be of greater magnitude with asylum seekers from Asia and the Middle East.
Perhaps Face founder ,  Mark Zuckerberg  , should revise FB privacy policy and should limit access of governments to personal messages of FB users .
In the meantime , Somalis in Western Europe will rarely use Facebook until deportation threats due to Facebook leaked info diminishes .