Friday, June 3, 2016

Update: Burao Erigavo road , Somaliland

A significant progress has recently been made on the roads infrastructure in and around Erigavo city.

 There are at least six roads asphalted inside The city. These are the first asphalted roads of its kind in Erigavo with the exception of a small strip of tarmac  shadowed by Miri Miri trees that passes by the Liberty Park built during British colonial era.
Daallo , Sanaag 

The road that connects Erigavo to Burao is asphalted 18 kilometres to Yufle which is the nearest village to the west .
The road from Yufle to Garadag is mainly compacted gravel road which is waiting for asphalting. It is usable as a friend who just came back from the region told me that motorists can speed upto 100km/hour on the non asphalted parts of the road .
Saraar area has not yet been touched by the project  but the asphalted parts of the road starts again from a place close to Waridaad and connects to Ina Afmadoobe and to he main road that was built by the Chinese in the early  1970s.
The journey between Erigavo and Burao now takes 6 hours compared to 12 hours before the construction of the road started few years ago.
This is a significant progress in the region. Most of the produce from the region can now be exported to the vital western markets of Somaliland.
Cabbages, tomatoes and other cash crops grown in Sanaag can supply the consumer needs of the country and will minimize imported crops from  neighbour Ethiopia .
The road improvements  also increased the number of visitors to the region particularly to Daalo highlands.
Sanaag is the largest and the most strategic and fertile region in Somaliland and investment in it is most vital for the economy of the country.