Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cross-border fighting and inter-clan conflicts in Somalia's Puntland will interrupt oil exploration

(IHS)- The autonomous Puntland and self-declared independent Somaliland engaged in artillery fire and ground assaults using armoured personnel carriers (APC) from 17 to 19 July in Booda-Adde and Bahar areas within the disputed Sanaag region.

The fighting was likely triggered by the Puntland Dervish Forces (PDF) in response to Somaliland beginning voter registration in the region. Media reported "heavy casualties". Fighting ceased on 19 July when elders began mediation efforts. Eyewitness reports indicated both sides were mobilising reinforcements.

Separately, former Bari regional commissioner, Abdisamad Mohamed Galan, stated in a radio broadcast on 12 July that he had re-mobilised his Puntland-based militia against the Puntland government.

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