Friday, July 29, 2016

Kingston - Planned demolition of resedential council towers worries Somalis

(Kingston)- Regeneration of the Cambridge Road Estates worries the Somalis living in Kingston upon Thames.

At least 4 towers and many blocks will be demolished in the coming 3 years to pave way for regenerated council flats. All of the residential  towers are located in the Cambridge Road Estates in the city. This will ignite the rehousing of the currents residents outside Kingston because of the shortage of housing in the Borough. As the regeneration will take almost 5 years to complete, the chances of many current residents to come back to Kingston is minimal .

This is causing the community lots of worries. Other communities living in the Estates share the same worries. School transfers , moving proprieties and adapting into a new environment is a huge burden for most of the families affected by the regeneration.
It is understood that the government wants to disperse low income people that had collectively been housed in council Estates. A similar regeneration project that had been implemented few years ago in Elephant and Castle in London resulted in the removal of a huge number of low income families from the centre of London . As the cost of living rises in London , low income families will find it hard to live among the rich and are therefore not welcome in the affluent areas.
We are currently in touch with the regeneration committee and are in the process of organising information sessions for the community so that their queries could be answered by the council staff .