Saturday, July 2, 2016

London Private hire cab drivers to take English test

London - Private hire cab drivers face a new challenge in UK. This challenge is not Uber Taxi Service which uses internet applications to monopolise the market.

But it is a new regulation which requires every cab driver to take  the English test and knowledge of geography of the region.

English language test is one requirement for the renewal of the licence. Customers need drivers that understand the local language.

Knowledge of the city is another requirement.
Many among the cab drivers in cities like London are either from Asia or from countries like Somalia and may not be able to meet the requirements. Few speak proper English and repetitively use short sentences such as "YOU KNOW , YOU KNOW ".
This is an intended  Transport for London clampdown on Uber and minicab drivers and  could therefore, remove a junk of the taxi service out of the market to protect the Black cab.
Uber is killing off iconic black cabs - Web image

In the meantime some are searching for system loopholes to let them keep their licences.