Saturday, July 23, 2016

More trade with Kenya would win Somaliland recognition

( ) - Currently there is an economic crisis in Meru County because Kenyan miraa is banned in Somalia in retaliation for the closure of the Dabaab Refugee Camp. It is also banned in the UK, the European Union by al Shabaab upon unscientific claims that miraa is an addictive stimulant worse than alcohol, tea, coffee or cigarettes.

Subsequently one assumes that Kenya government will do everything it can to secure a market for the Kenyan miraa to manage negative multiplier economic and political effects on the Meru county economy and politics bound to be substantial as we inch closer to next year’s elections.

Kenyan miraa is not forbidden in Somaliland but it is charged a duty of 300%, 200% higher that Ethiopian miraa with the practical effect of exclusion from market.

Even as we demand full recognition of Somaliland by Kenya, Ethiopia and international community, we also plead with Somaliland to treat all its commercial partners with equality, not preferring one to the other.

From the above, a fundamental question arises. If Somaliland were to agree to buy Kenyan miraa on the same terms it buys miraa from Ethiopia that gives Somaliland more support than Kenya, would Kenya give Somaliland similar diplomatic support or full diplomatic recognition that she deserves?
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