Saturday, July 16, 2016

Rehabilitating the fisheries sector in Somalia

After years of conflict in Somalia, the fisheries sector in the country requires investment and capacity building to generate income and enhance food security for the communities along the country’s 3,300-km coastline and for fishing communities in riverine areas that are dependent on fish for their livelihoods and nutritional needs.

In Somalia today, over one million people face severe food insecurity, while an estimated 307,800 children under the age of five are acutely malnourished, according to FAO data. Sustainable fisheries can serve a key role tackling food insecurity and malnutrition in the country, as well as generating rural employment and building resilience of fishing communities.

In partnership with Norway, Japan, Switzerland and the European Union, FAO has a holistic fisheries programme to rebuild and strengthen the sector in Somalia. Below are some of the ongoing activities managed from FAO Somalia and aimed at strengthening fisheries management, and conservation and enhancing fish consumption and livelihoods for small-scale fishers and their families in the country:
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