Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Anti-government protests in Ethiopia put the country at risk

(IHS) At least 1,000 demonstrators protested in Awaday, northeastern Oromo region, Ethiopia, on 31 July, after a government soldier beat a shop owner, local media reported.

An Agazi paramilitary unit, predominantly ethnic-Tigray, was deployed to disperse the protesters, resulting in the use of snipers, who shot dead 26 demonstrators. In response, at least 1,000-2,000 ethnic-Oromo protested on 1 August in Awaday, Bedessa, Dadar, Hirna, Qobbo, and Soqa towns in northeastern Oromo region close to the city of Dire Dawa. Protesters were continuing to man multiple roadblocks on 2 August, interrupting traffic along the highways from Qobo to Harar and from Qobo to Dire Dawa.
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