Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Somaliland - 13,000 dollars for every MP that voted for DP World motion

Hargeisa , The motion for the DP World to operate Berbera port for 30 years under a lease has been passed last week by the parliament with a majority of 69 votes against 4 .

The whole project is controversial and lacks transparency . The singing of the contract with Dubai Ports has caused uproar in Somaliland.

Ministers have failed to produce an original version of the contract signed in Dubai by Somaliland representatives and Dubai Port . Instead,  the government ministers brought presumably a summary from the original contract .
This has created suspicion among the public and also the parliament.
The people of Sahil who had earlier expressed their opposition to the project claimed that they will lose income from the stevedoring and other Labour services from the port as the DP World would hire cheap labour from India to replace the existing force .
The motion has been passed by the Somaliland parliament last week after an exhaustive effort involving bribing the members of the parliament by members of the the ruling party . Sources close to Medeshi have met at least one MP who stated that he had received $13,000 to vote for the motion. The only female member of the parliament In the country also voted for the motion .
The is a precedence and a tragic deviation from the democratic process of Somaliland Republic. The public can only change this corrupt practice by electing  the most suitable candidates to represent them in the parliament.