Friday, September 9, 2016

Commentary: The gap between rich and the poor in Somaliland

Hargeisa , Somaliland - The gap between the rich and the poor in Somaliland is growing fast.
The rich are busy investing  in  tall buildings and accumulating wealth while at the same time spending extravagantly at places like Lake Asal and other night life locations.

The poor on the other hand look and watch amazingly at the economic injustices in the country with government complacency. Some among the poor  have one meal a day  particularly Dami district in the capital while others put a plate on the table for dinner few times a week .

Imagine the congestion of the traffic at the only main road in Hargeisa that passes in front of the presidency. Those cars consume tens of thousands of US $s  in oil  a day polluting the streets of the capital while the majority of the inhabitants live in hunger and poverty .
Justice is absent here. The rich do not want to listen to the calls of the poor. They don't list to the comments In the media. The rich in Somaliland are arrogant just because capitalism has empowered them to become some how invincible.
The rich in Somaliland are mainly from the Diaspora. They hold EU or Canadian and US passports that empower them to travel freely anywhere in the world. The locals don't have the same chance of traveling  abroad because Somaliland passport is not recognised in almost all countries in the world. They therefore,  lack the opportunities to bring investors to the country.
Somaliland should regulate and issue laws allowing equal opportunities for the poor to get jobs in the corporate sector and also in investment.
Currently all large companies in Somaliland employ people of clan lineage. Little attention is given to credentials of more qualified applicants from outside the clan. Those thousands that graduate from Hargiesa University and others in the country are denied the chances of  employment because of tribalism and nepotism. This phenomena causes the youth to migrate and die in the high seas in search of better future in Europe.
However, there is new dawn in Somaliland. Investment in the country has started. The recently signed agreement with Dubai Ports to operate Berbera port of Somaliland ushers an era of development and boom. But without equal opportunities and tackling the gap between the rich and the poor in the country, economic inequality will always prevail in Somaliland.
By Medeshi