Sunday, March 12, 2017

Anonymous warns corrupt government officials in Somaliland

Medeshi- It is reported  that some government ministers or their cronies are involved in corruption in Somaliland.
Government officials are reported to get commission and kickbacks from foreign investment agreements. Public properties that had been built by the British during the colonial era  have now been sold to people close to the government. Such locations include the Indian Lines next to Hargeisa General Hospital. Public libraries and prime  locations both in the Sha'ab area and the  riverside  had gone to friends of the government officials. Much had gone to relatives of the rulers. Ask the public. Take a survey and it could easily be proven.
This is a matter that affects the weak, the poor and the elderly in the country.
This anonymous message  from our sources warns of the consequences in the after life of the wrong actions of those currently  in authority in Somaliland. This is intended to prevent corruption and inhumane actions by those in power. This is not fear mongering which religious clerics use for personal gain. This is a warning and an attempt  to prevent one harming the poor masses. It is a simple warning.

The warning is that :
One should wonder how many million years would one wait in al-Barzakh after death and before judgement day ( Al Qiyaamah). I know of some and heard of the billions  before us whose souls had been awaiting and still await in al-Barzakh after death and before resurrection on Qiyamah.
Distant lights 

 Al Barzakh is defined in the books of Islam as a virtual place where souls await for Judgement Day . It could take millions of years for all souls to await in Al Barzakh for Al Qiyamah . So Al Barzakh is a mass soul transit infinity.
One should stop stealing public properties under authority. One should not take the properties of orphans, women or the elderly. One should not steal anything. One should not be afraid of Al Barzakh but should fear God. God has promised to punish those who  commit sin. Poor, rich or the powerful souls shall be equally judged infront of God on Judgement Day.
One should therefore, think twice of one's actions before reaching al-Barzakh because that is the point of no return that one can't earn any good score  or bad.

One should think twice before committing wrong. One should think twice before it is too late.
By Medeshi