Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Important notice for Somaliland travelers to UK

(Medeshi)- This is an important information and advice for people travelling to the United Kingdom from Somaliland.

The UK has banned laptops and tablets on flights coming from 6 countries. The ban comes after the US issued similar ban on electronics carried by passengers on board planes coming from 8 countries .
The countries affected by the UK ban include Lebanon , Turkey , Egypt , Tunisia , Saudi Arabia and Jordan.
As there are no direct flights between the UK and Somaliland , most people travelling from Somaliland will have to use some of the airports which the electronic ban affects

Another news which affects people holding British travel documents  needs verification from the Home Office by those travelling before they leave the UK.
Those who hold travel documents and travel to Africa may not be allowed back into the U.K.
One incident took place in Hargeisa after a man sponsored by his wife and who had spent few months there and then wanted to come back to UK was rejected to board planes back to U.K. It took a long process through the British embassy in Addis Ababa to let him take a flight back to England, according to the involved person who didn't want to be named.
Simply ask the Home Office before you fly out of the UK.
Trump travel ban could influence some to reject travel document holders.