Sunday, March 26, 2017

Somaliland- Adam Smith International completes communications training for government institutions

(MoFA)- Several government institutions of Somaliland have completed their communications training provided by Adam Smith International.

The training which took approximately over 18 months has come to an end. This training was first conducted at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation which was the leading government communication hub after being transferred to the Presidential palace.
The training was essential for the government of Somaliland to allow an easy flow of exchanging information. The training covered many areas such as spokesperson training, media relations, press releases and many more. ASI has been very helpful and it's tutors were excellent teachers dynamic and energetic.
ASI has also provided equipment to the communications hub at several Ministries. This project was funded by UKAID.
On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International cooperation we would like to thank ASI for providing the training and will implement this knowledge to our daily activities.
 Mofa Somaliland