Sunday, March 26, 2017

Somaliland - heavy floods kill two women at Aw Barkhadle crossing

(Hargeisa) - Heavy rains that fell today near Hargeisa have caused flooding that swept away a Toyota Surf vehicle at Aw Barkhadle crossing.

Two sisters in the vehicle are reportedly missing. The missing  women who were later reported  to have died are Asma  Mohamed Yusuf and Fosiya Mohamed Yusuf , according to the condolences to relatives via the social media.

Another incident in Arabsiyo west of Hargeisa has also been reported when floods swept away a vehicle with no casualties reported.
Photo from FB

These are the first victims of the Gu rains in Somaliland. Heavy rain waters end up in the seas throughout Somaliland's mountainous areas facing northward. These rains cause havoc at all dry river beds between Hargeisa and Berbera. The Lebanese company -CAT- that had built the road between Hargeisa and Berbera in the early 70s had failed to built bridges over these dry river beds and have instead built Irish river crossings.
The only hope to built bridges at these river beds might lie with the newly signed projects with DP World and the UAE military base in Berbera. Both projects have the provision of building the road between Hargeisa and Berbera.
A possibility of utilising these rain waters is also on the horizon. A Gulf State project at Hunba Weyne just north of Hargeisa is about to be completed. It is a water reservoir for the rain water from the highlands which collect at dam built to conserve these waters. Similar projects are planned for Aw Barkhadle , Da'ar Budhuq and other areas east of Berbera. A total of 9 dams are expected to be built in the coming years which will be funded by  a Gulf State .