Sunday, March 12, 2017

Somaliland- Rains expected to start falling in Erigavo area from 17 March

(Medeshi)- Erigavo, Somaliland - Rains are forecast to start falling in around Erigavo area from 17 March 2017.

Erigavo, Sanaag 14 Day Weather Forecast

Any rains that fall in any part of Somaliland will bring great relieve  to the drought affected people in the regions that it falls. There is currently an acute shortage of food and water in most parts of the country after the failed rains for 3 consecutive years . The pastoralists have lost approximately 70% of their livestock due to the drought. Tens of thousands have also moved to the western regions of Somaliland where some rains had fallen few months ago.
The Gu rains start  in March in the Horn of Africa and this forecast could be the beginning of the seasonal rains  that will hopefully alleviate the suffering of the drought affected people of Somaliland.;