Friday, April 7, 2017

Somaliland - British appear set to slap sanctions on Hargeisa

( Africa Intelligence)- Britain’s deputy ambassador to Mogadishu, Andrew Allen, travelled to Hargeisa on March 27 at the invitation of the Wadani opposition party.

While he refrained from talking about possible sanctions against president Ahmed Mohamed Mahamoud, a k a Silanyo when responding to questions from local journalists he didn’t put any gloss over London’s concern about the government’s behavior. In talks with foreign minister Saad Ali Shire and Silanyo he voiced Britain’s disapproval over the latest postponement of elections . He also informed them Somaliland wouldn't be invited to take part in the London Summit on Somalia scheduled to be held on May 11.

Silanyo shot back that the international community was always insisting Somaliland’s government make efforts while withholding any pledge to recognize Somaliland’s independence. Accordingly, the authorities in Hargeisa are mulling the idea of staging a "counter Summit" and - why not ? - in Edinburgh.

Allen’s trip followed that of a visit to Nairobi by a delegation from the Kulmiye movement headed by the chairman and vice chairman of the ruling party, Musa Bihi Abdi and Mohamed Kahin Ahmed. They held informal talks in the Kenyan capital with British, American and European diplomats, declaring that the postponement in the election was due to the drought plaguing the country.