Sunday, April 9, 2017

Somaliland- First victim of cholera reported in Hargeisa

(Medeshi, Hargeisa ) - Cholera disease has spread to Somaliland from the Ethiopian boundary and was reportedly  caught by  one person in Sabawanaag district very close to Hargeisa.

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The victim was reportedly taken to Hargeisa in a very serious condition and later died in the hospital.
The victim who is male was a livestock herder at Bali Ugaadh .
The deceased who was brought to Hargeisa hospital by his relatives was buried  today in Hargeisa.

No emergency medical team has been sent to the area affected by this contagious disease. Also there is no government plan to counter this epidemic  which could pose great danger to the Somaliland population.

Cholera  could easily be spread in the capital due to the poor sanitation in the city after the local government had failed to remove the rubbish and the garbage from the streets of the capital.