Saturday, April 15, 2017

Somaliland - heavy rains expected to fall tonight on west of Eil Afweyin and south of Hargeisa

Erigavo - The weather satellites show rains expected to fall tonight in some of the  areas affected by the current persistent drought in Eastern Somaliland.

Gu rains that were expected to start in the end of March have not fallen in many parts of the country. The current drought had claimed many lives among the nomads and the pastoralists in the eastern regions of Somaliland. At least 80% of the livestock have died in some parts of the affected areas according to the local reports.

In most parts of these regions, the earth has become scorched. Trees have died and the land is scattered with the carcasses of dead animals .
Any rain that falls tonight in these areas will bring a great relief for the already suffering people  in the regions.
See the weather map here