Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Somaliland - Preparations underway for the 18th May rally in London

(Kingston)- Preparations are underway for the celebrations of the 26th anniversary of Somaliland reassertion of its independence.

18 May rally for the 26th anniversary of Somaliland independence /secession will take place this year at Richmond Terraces, Westminster, SW1A 2JL , two minutes walk from Westminster tube station, London. The event is organised  by SSUK (Somaliland Society UK) and the Somaliland Mission in UK.

London rallies for Somaliland independence have been held at Westminster since 2010.
Somalilanders in the U.K. come from all regions and gather on that day mainly at Richmond Terraces opposite Whitehall in Westminster.

The people of Somaliland feel that UK's recognition of Somaliland republic is overdue. Those who will join the rally will demand the government of the United Kingdom to Recognise its former colony once again. Britain recognized Somaliland on June 26 1960 when it gave the country its independence. Somaliland united with the former Italian colony - Somalia- on July 1st 1960 to become part of the Somali Republic.
That union of Somaliland and Somalia failed after a bloody civil war with the military rule of Siyad Barre of Somalia. Tens of thousands of Somaliland people were slaughtered by the army of the dictator in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
As a result of that failed union , Somaliland seceded from the Somali Republic and declared its independence and withdrawal from the Somali union on May 18 1991.
Somaliland has a functioning democracy, elected president , elected parliament and elected local government. It has its own currency , its own army , flag and  police force. It also has  Political Missions in more than a dozen countries including  the United Kingdom.
The people of Somaliland shall not  tire of seeking their sovereignty and recognition by the international community. In the meantime, the economy in the country has a bright future and investment is flowing  in.