Sunday, May 28, 2017

London - One-legged rapist Mohammed Farah jailed

(Metro) - A rapist who attacked a vulnerable teenager in a secluded square after telling her ‘not to run away because he had one leg’ has been jailed.

Mohammed Farah, 38, met the 15-year-old girl in Stratford, east London, on October 2 last year.
The pair had been talking and drinking beer together in a secluded square when the 38-year-old started touching her, Southwark crown court heard.
The teenager, who knew her attacker as ‘Mo’, asked him to stop and he responded by saying he wouldn’t do anything more.

But moments after telling her not to run away because he ‘only had one leg’, he raped her and threatened to kill her if she told anyone about the attack.
The court heard how he forced the girl to the ground and grabbed her round the throat before raping her.

Prosecutor Irshad Sheikh said during the trial: ‘She tried to struggle, he then grabbed her by the throat. She pushed and kicked at the defendant.
‘He told her to shut up and said that he would kill her if she grassed on him.’
One-legged rapist who begged 'vulnerable' teen not to run away jailed

Two weeks later, police were called to an address in Waltham Forest where the victim reported that she had been raped in Torrens Square.
She described Farah as having one leg with his hair styled in cornrows.

He was arrested the following day but denied ever meeting the teenager.
But CCTV footage showed them walking towards the scene of the attack on the same day.
Farah, who was previously jailed for six years for a similar attack, was jailed for nine years and handed a 10-year sexual offences prevention order on Friday following a trial.
Detective Constable Sarah Towe, from the Met Police, described Farah as ‘dangerous’ and said he ‘used his disability to gain the trust of an extremely vulnerable girl’.