Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mohammed Yusef Ali Gurey donated $100,000 for Somaliland Drought Relief

( London)- Press Release: During a discussion at the Somaliland London Conference on 18th May, on the plight of the Somaliland people caused by the Drought, it was announced that Mohammed Yusef Ali Gurey, has donated $100,000 as a contribution to the Drought Relief.

Mohammed Yusef ,Chairman/CEO ,Invicta Capital Limited

He explained that the money will be used by his local network of helpers to buy food, and medicine that will be distributed directly by them to families in those part of the country that have been affected the most by the Drought.

 He said, I was compelled to make this donation when I could not watch on the internet anymore the devastation caused by the Drought  and was inspired to do so following my recent Umrah” He added, “Charity should normally be given quietly, but I hope that the announcement of my donation will inspire others to make a contribution, no matter how small that contribution may be, $10 will help to save the lives of a whole family. No donation is too small to make a difference”