Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Somaliland- The search for greener pastures

(Medeshi)- Kingston - The search for greener pastures has kept me moving around the World for more than 4 decades.

After settling in England last decade, I have now realized that Somaliland has greener pastures compared to the rest of the countries that I had travelled since 1975.

I cannot re-start the search and reverse my travel now because I don't have the stamina and youthful energy and ambition that had kept me moving for more than 4 decades.
It is like a mirage. You are thirsty and see water by the horizon. When you reach the horizon, the water has disappeared and the mirage shows you water elsewhere. The process goes on and on until exhaustion overtakes and man gives up.

To me Berbera is now that greener pasture and the mirage that is urging me to return back to Somaliland. The new scramble for Africa and the special interest of the rich Gulf States and the West in Somaliland ushers a new era of prosperity and progress which hopefully won't be accompanied by the usual curse of the Black Gold ( Oil) . Projects such as the Berbera port development by DP World or the  Berbera military base will surely bring abundant wealth that could easily suffice the needs of the sparsely populated semi-arid Somaliland.
I heard someone ask Prince Phillip the other day : “I'm sorry to hear you're standing down.”
He answered : "Well I can't stand up much longer"
I didn't give-up the search for greener pastures, but I don't have the body and the soul to search as before.
So my people, look for greener pastures within Somaliland and don't venture into the barren lands of the West, otherwise you will eventually regret leaving your land when you realize that you are  unable to return back to your country.

By Mo Medeshi