Monday, May 29, 2017

Statement of Somaliland Mission UK on 18 May anniversary in London

(MoFA) - London – The Somaliland Mission to the UK wishes to thank everyone that turned up across the country to celebrate Somaliland’s 26th anniversary of its reassertion of independence on 18 May. The UK saw an unprecedented amount of activity this year, at community events in a number of cities across the country.

The Mission is particularly grateful to the hundreds of people who made the trip to London to participate in a rally on Whitehall, in order to make their voices heard despite the rain. We believe that the Government will hear our demands for recognition, and we look forward to building on this demonstration of support when the elections are over in June.

The Mission also wishes to report on the International Conference on Somaliland, which was held in London over the course of the day. We were graced with the presence of HE Sa’ad Ali Shire, who spoke eloquently on Somaliland’s recognition and what it means. We also heard from other significant and well-known figures, including Edna Adan Ismail and Professor Ahmed Samatar, alongside diplomats, academics, politicians from across Europe and distinguished businessmen, many of whom had travelled across the world to be there. The conference provided an opportunity not only to talk about Somaliland’s achievements and its desire for recognition, but also to look at Somaliland’s challenges and hopes for the future. As Somaliland continues to march toward recognition by the international community, we hope that this spirit of friendly dialogue will continue.
We are also proud of the work of those who are working hard to raise funds to combat the ongoing drought. Although we have made great progress, it is important that we continue to contribute to the assistance of those who have lost everything.
Somaliland Mission to the UK.