Sunday, June 4, 2017

Qatar Charity provided food baskets to 4,633 drought-affected families in Somalia

(The Peninsula) Qatar Charity provided food baskets to 4,633 drought-affected families in Somalia battling for survival.

The baskets consist of 25kg rice, 25kg sugar, 25kg flour, 6 litres of oil, 2.5kg milk powder, and 2 kg dates.
QC continues to provide support to drought-affected areas in Somalia. With the beginning of Ramadan, it has implemented a number of relief projects including the distribution of food items o thousands of drought-affected families, said Faisal Al Fahida, from QC.
“A number of areas of Somalia have been severely affected by drought including Mogadishu and such assistance has to be both extremely timely and essential given the difficult humanitarian situation they are going through.”
 “We hope that such assistance will alleviate the harsh conditions they are experiencing, Al Fahida added. The beneficiaries thanked the philanthropists, Qatar, and QC for their efforts and support

It is noteworthy that “Atta Alkher from Doha Alkher” initiative had provided emergency relief during its last visit to Somalia, included food parcels, medicines, and drinking water.

The initiative provided food parcels for 10,000 Somali families as well as medical assistance including the distribution of medical solutions, administering medical examinations for internal diseases, malnutrition, and dehydration.

A humanitarian delegation from QC has visited Somalia and studied the various aspects of the humanitarian situation there. It has launched major relief projects, including the distribution of daily meals for 7,000 families.

As part of emergency relief projects, QC dispatches medical convoys to affected areas of Somalia including Somaliland, Puntland, Mogadishu and southwest territories in order to reduce the spread of epidemics.

Approximately 16,200 persons benefited from these medical services especially in the regions that lost many persons and millions of livestock due to the lack of food, drugs and drinking water.

Artesian wells will be drilled to provide drinking water for 4,000 persons of the cholera and drought-affected areas.