Monday, July 10, 2017

Somalia seeks to set up independent human rights commission

MOGADISHU, July 9 (Xinhua) -- Somalia on Sunday launched the first phase of the National Independent Human Rights Commission's selection process, widely seen as a crucial step towards strengthening human rights protection and promotion.

Minister for Women and Human Rights Development Deqa Yasin said despite the many challenges faced by Somalia such as the ongoing insecurity, poverty or the severe drought situation, strengthening the institutional human rights framework is one of Somalia's key priorities moving forward.

  "All people in Somalia must take note of this historic day and learn about the positive influence this independent body can have in their daily lives," said Yasin.
The ministry collaborated closely with the Federal Member States, civil society organizations and relevant stakeholders to establish a technical selection panel (TSP) in accordance with the Human Rights Commission Law (HRC Law).
"This panel will be working during the coming days on the first phase of the Commissioners' selection process," the minister said.
The TSP is tasked with developing the architecture of the selection process, while adhering to the strict rules of the Somali Provisional Constitution, 2012 and the HRC Law.
In the second and final phase, the TSP will implement this process through selection interviews and vetting of the shortlisted candidates.

Yasin said the key priority of the ministry is to ensure that this process is inclusive, fair, transparent, credible and open to the public and all who wish to apply for the honorable position of Human Rights Commissioner.
"The Ministry has put measures in place that will enhance and facilitate an impartial and transparent environment towards the selection of the nine Independent Human Rights Commissioners. Moreover, this will be done with the utmost respect for the privacy of all involved in this process," the minister said.
Once in office, the commissioners are expected to serve the Somali people with utmost dedication and adhere to the provisions of the Constitution.