Monday, July 31, 2017

Sustainable Natural Resource Management in Somaliland - Mustafa’s story

(UK in Somaliland)- Following Ambassador David Concar’s visit to Somaliland, take a look at how UKaid is supporting the people of Somaliland

Mustafa’s story
38-year-old Mustafa, from Debis, Sahil region, has been supporting his family by cutting trees to make charcoal for over 20 years. But environmental challenges put Mustafa’s livelihood in jeopardy. He said:
“Cutting trees brings calamity to everyone including mankind and their livestock: repetitive droughts are an imminent threat to all of us these days.”

Through the Enhanced Capacity Building for Sustainable Natural Resource Management Project, part funded by UKaid, Mustafa is now working in the same area conserving the forest, turning from “war on nature to savior”. Mustafa’s new work is a result of a forestry project implemented by the Ministry of Environment and Rural Development, which helps charcoal producers to secure alternative sustainable income constructing soil bunds.

“Today, charcoal producers have secured alternative sources of income through the project by being employed to build soil and water conservation.”
The Enhanced Capacity Building for Sustainable Natural Resource Management Project is funded by the Somaliland Development Fund, a 4-year fund designed to support the Government of Somaliland (GoSL) fill a critical gap funding projects that are fully aligned to the National Development Plan (NDP).