Friday, July 14, 2017

U.S. strike in Somalia

(FP)- American and Somali government forces raided a compound used by al Shabaab in Kunyo Barrow in southern Somalia on Thursday, Pentagon and Africa Command officials confirm to FP’s Paul McLeary.
Few details are available, but officials say there there were no U.S. casualties.

 Africa Command spokesperson Capt. Jennifer Dyrcz said that “U.S. forces conducted an advise and assist mission against al-Shabaab with members of the Somali National Army” who U.S. forces are assisting “to counter al-Shabaab in Somalia to degrade the al-Qaeda affiliate’s ability to recruit, train and plot external terror attacks throughout the region and in America.”

In March, President Trump signed off on an order giving the Africom commander more leeway in attacking al Shabaab targets, and giving U.S. troops and aircraft the ability to conduct more operations in the country. In May, one Navy SEAL was killed and two others wounded in a firefight with al Shabaab fighters, the first American casualty in the country since the early 1990s.