Friday, September 22, 2017

Somalia calls regions to order for breaching state's neutrality in Gulf crisis

(Africa News)- The Somali government has called three of its states to order for cutting ties with Qatar in support of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the Gulf crisis.

The autonomous states of Puntland, Hirshabelle and recently Galmudug have released statements of support for the UAE-Saudi Arabia faction and called on the federal government to change its neutral position due to its good relations with the two Gulf states.
In a response on Thursday, the government said it is the only body that can issue a position on the matter and it will remain neutral in the conflict.

“The cabinet reaffirms the federal government’s decision in June that the conflict be solved brotherly, peacefully and diplomatically. And Somalia is neutral about the conflict of the Gulf countries,” a statement from the office of the Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire stated.

On Tuesday, the Galmudug state said the federal government’s decision was not made in consultation with the federal states and “it will affect all Somalis everywhere”.
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