Wednesday, October 11, 2017

London - Farhia Ahmed Ali faces jail for setting fire to her council house

(Daily Mail)- A Somali mother-of-five who set fire to her home after she was served with an eviction notice is facing jail.
Farhia Ahmed Ali, 37, ignited ‘tissues and cardboard’ to start the blaze in her south London home while her four children were present.

Ali was trying secure a new home with Wandsworth Council after she was handed an eviction notice by her landlord, Kingston Crown Court heard.
She denied starting the fire, but jurors convicted of arson being reckless as to whether life was endangered after deliberating for nearly five hours.
The mum appeared shocked on hearing the verdict while members of her family in the public gallery held their heads in their hands.
Ali, who recently gave birth to a fifth child, will be sentenced on 20 November after psychiatric reports are prepared but Judge Peter Lodder warned: ‘It’s common for someone convicted of arson to go to prison.

‘A suspended sentence is a bit unlikely.’
Meyrick Williams, prosecuting, said the fire was lit on the top of a kitchen cabinet, which was covered in bits of tissue, cardboard and paper.