Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Newly deployed individual police officers conclude induction course

Mogadishu, 28 October 2017 – Thirteen Individual Police Officers (IPOs) recently deployed to Somalia to serve under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) yesterday concluded an induction course to acquaint themselves with the Mission’s mandate and standard operating procedures.

The IPOs from Nigeria and Sierra Leone completed the nine-day induction course, Friday, as they began their one year tour of duty in Somalia to mentor and train their Somali police officers on best practices in policing.

Speaking during the closing ceremony, AMISOM Deputy Police Commissioner, Christine Alalo, described the arrival of the team as timely and urged the officers to serve the Mission diligently and inculcate best practices of policing in their Somali counterparts.

“You have come at a time when we are talking of a drawdown and increasing the number of the police but specifically also with a big mandate to ensure that the Somali police start taking the responsibility of policing their country. We must be seen taking a back role and them, the front role. What we are supposed to be doing right now is ensure that we train them, but even then, as we train and mentor them, we should let them take the front role,” Ms. Alalo stated at the function held in Mogadishu.
The Deputy Police Commissioner also appealed to the officers to observe high level of discipline, respect diversity and culture of the local community as they go about their duty in helping the Mission achieve its mandate.

“We should not think that now that we have left home, we are free here and can be undisciplined. I expect respect for diversity from ourselves. We are all from different places and you will meet people from Ghana, Uganda who speak and eat differently and have different kind of training,” Ms. Alalo added.

Present at the function were Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Daniel Ali Gwambal, and the Acting Coordinator of Training Chief Inspector, Prosper Kofi Oklu, among other senior AMISOM officials.

During the training, the officers were taken through a number of topics which included, among others, the mandate and task of AMISOM, principles of peacekeeping operations, human rights in peacekeeping operations, Somali culture and human rights.

The AMISOM Police Component is mandated to provide operational support to the Somali Police Force (SPF), including mentoring and training, to help it build the necessary capacity to handle the security needs of the country and discharge its functions according to internationally accepted standards.

Nigeria and Sierra Leone are part of the six Police Contributing Countries (PCCs), others being Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and Zambia.