Thursday, October 26, 2017

Nimco Ali says Ukip staffer made offensive comments

(The Guardian)- A senior Ukip staff member repeatedly told a black women’s rights campaigner that, while he was racist, he would still like to have sex with her, it has been alleged.
Nimco Ali, the co-founder of the group Daughters of Eve, which campaigns against female genital mutilation (FGM), told the Guardian she was disgusted by the behaviour of Gawain Towler, the party’s head of press, who made the comments to her at an event on Tuesday night.

The alleged incident happened at an event to mark the 60th anniversary of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme in the City of London. Ali said Towler told her privately, then again in front of other guests: “I am racist but you’re beautiful, so I would do you.” Afterwards, she said, he followed her outside and tried to lead her away, saying he wanted to buy her a drink.

She described the incident on Twitter, describing Towler as a “senior Ukip’er”:
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