Friday, October 20, 2017

Providing assistance to the victims of Saturday’s terror attacks – the UK stands with Somalia

The UK is supporting those affected by Saturday’s terror attacks through our on-going humanitarian response. Working through our partners, including UNICEF, OCHA and the ICRC, UK-funded staff and supplies are delivering life-saving assistance.

 Together we have:
* Provided emergency treatment kits and medicines to six hospitals, including Madina and Somali Sudanese Hospital
* Supplied Madina Hospital with two months worth of UK-funded medical supplies, delivered yesterday by UNICEF
* Funded the provision by the ICRC of enough weapon wounded kits to partner hospitals to cater for 100 patients. We’ve also procured 200 body bags, working with the ICRC, so those who have lost their lives can be moved with dignity
* Been working with the Federal Ministry of Health and OCHA to determine urgent requirements (for example surgical burns kits; intravenous fluids; antibiotics etc).

The UK-funded Joint Operations Coordination Centre is also coordinating the response on the ground, bringing together Somalia’s security institutions, forces and crisis response functions. Our team in Mogadishu, including the British Ambassador, have donated blood for victims of the attack.
The UK supports Somalia’s fight against terrorism and extremism. From providing assistance for Saturday’s victims, to our ongoing support to AMISOM and the Somali-led security institutions, we’re committed to a more prosperous, stable, and secure Somalia.
-UK in Somalia