Monday, October 9, 2017

SAUDI ARABIA- Indian suicidal driver steals cops gun, takes selfie on Police car roof - Video

(Arab News)- JEDDAH: Riyadh police revealed on Sunday the circumstances of a video showing a resident assaulting a police vehicle and trying to pull a policeman’s arm before hearing a shooting.
Media spokesman of the region’s police told Almarsd news website that the security patrol operations room received a notice from a citizen Sunday morning that his 27-year-old Indian driver had attempted to commit suicide.
He explained that the security teams immediately moved to the site of the notice. “The driver was seen in a case of hysteria that necessitates dealing with him as required by the situation to ensure his safety and neutralize his danger.”

They managed to master over him without any injuries and he was given the necessary aid, the media spokesman said.
“After he was seen by the specialist doctor, it turned out that he suffers from psychological disorders.” He said
Accordingly, he was given the necessary treatment, handed over to the appropriate police station, and the Public Prosecution Branch was notified to complete the required measures.