Saturday, October 28, 2017

Somaliland - Gangs on a vehicle attack the house of presidential candidate Cirro in Hargeisa

Abirahman Cirro , presidential candidate of Waddani 

(Medeshi)- Gangs on  vehicles attacked last night the house of the presidential candidate from Waddani. Mr Cirro was not at home at the time of the attack. The police have arrested  5 of the gang members and have impounded their vehicle, according to the local sources.
The presidential election campaign is currently at its peak with each political party given alternate days to campaign.
The candidates have recently exchanged sensitive campaign speeches which have angered some of the supporters of the opposing parties.
The Kulmiye party candidate has recently accused the leader of Waddani of pro- Somalism and the party supporters have published forged document supporting that accusation  (See below).

UNSOM has in response refuted the accusation in the forged paper while the Somali FM denied the letter published by Kulmiye supporters.

Fears of post-electoral insecurity has spread across the country as the campaign gathers momentum and the election date nears.

This is the third presidential election in Somaliland and it is slated for the 13th of Nov 2017. It   looks that the opposition party is ahead of the ruling party.