Sunday, October 15, 2017

Update - Death toll in Mogadishu bombing could rise to 500

(Medeshi)-Barbaric and sadistic mindless terrorist thugs have killed more than 230 innocent civilians in the capital. A truck loaded with explosives has exploded in a busy area in the capital on Saturday.
Family members from Kingston upon Thames have been reported among the casualties in Mogadishu bombing yesterday. 230 persons have been confirmed dead but the number is rising as more are found under the rubble and as more die of wounds at the hospitals.
Sources have informed Medeshi that the death toll could rise to 500  or more as the clock ticks.
The brother in law of one of the Somali residents at Kingsnympton Park at Kingston hill was found dead. His head was found separated.
Another member of the board of the Kingston Somali Association had his  brother injured too.
The weak government in Mogadishu cannot protect the people of Somalia despite all the aid and funds given to Somalia .

May God the Almighty protect the people of Somalia from the evil doers within the government and Al Shabaab.