Wednesday, November 29, 2017

82,852 non-resident foreigners arrested across Saudi Arabia

Arab News- RIYADH: The joint field security campaign, which kicked off across the Kingdom in mid-November, has captured 82,852 violators of residence and labor regulations, the Saudi Press Agency said.

The campaign resulted in the seizure of 46,824 violators of iqama (residence) regulations, 15,569 for border security regulations and 20,459 for labor regulations.
Some 1,074 persons were caught as they tried to cross the border into the Kingdom; 80 percent of them were Yemenis, 20 percent Ethiopians and the remaining 2 percent were from different nations. Around 564 persons trying to cross the border were deported. In addition, 18 persons were arrested for attempting to leave the Kingdom illegally through its borders.
n the other hand, 341 persons were arrested for being involved in harboring and transporting violators of residence, labor and border security regulations.
A total of 44 citizens were caught following proof they were involved in transporting and sheltering expatriates violating regulations, and immediate penalties were imposed on 21, while authorities are completing necessary measures on the remaining 23 citizens.

Some 12,082 foreigners are currently subject to procedures in expatriate detention centers, including 10,954 men and 1,128 women.
In the meantime, 12,192 expatriate violators were deported, 8,130 received immediate penalties, 10,090 violators were referred to their respective diplomatic missions to obtain travel documents, and 10,016 referred to complete their travel procedures.