Wednesday, November 29, 2017

AMISOM Police Commissioner ends tour of duty in Somalia

(AMISOM) -Mogadishu, 29 November 2017 – Brigadier General Anand Pillay, the Police Commissioner with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), has left the Mission, after the end his tour of duty.

Brig. Gen. Pillay who joined the AU Mission in 2014, is credited with championing and operationalizing key reforms in the Somali police sector, in the federal government and regional states.

Under his leadership, AMISOM Police rolled out an elaborate capacity building plan for the Somali Police Force, which included screening, recruiting, training and mentoring Somali police officers.

Also, under his tenure, AMISOM Police extended its services to newly recovered areas; and expanded its operations to the state capitals, in Baidoa in South West state, Jowhar in HirShabelle state, Dhobley and Kismayo in Lower Jubba region and Beletweyne in Hiiraan region.
“I can say categorically, that he (Pillay) has served with merit, with strategic leadership and the achievements are there, for everybody to see,” Mr. Alex Dundun, the AMISOM Police Chief of Staff said, during a send off ceremony for the outgoing Police Commissioner.

These sentiments were shared by the AMISOM Deputy Police Commissioner Ms. Christine Alalo.

“You were the first person to implement the new policing model, we have seen you successfully securing the elections, you have been successful in trying to push, so that we go to the recovered areas, despite the challenges that are there,” Ms. Alalo noted.

Brig. Gen. Pillay ensured the training and skilling of over 3,500 Somali police officers and the establishment of systems and processes, including the introduction of a biometric database for the police force within the Somali Police Force.

“On behalf of the SRCC and the whole of AMISOM, I wish you best in your future endeavors,” Major General (Rtd) Fidza Dludlu, the AMISOM Head of Mission Support told Pillay.

He commended Pillay for spearheading the construction and rehabilitation of various police stations across south central Somalia, in a bid to ensure law and order, especially in newly recovered areas.

The outgoing Police Commissioner advised AMISOM Police to focus on efforts that will ensure the Somali Police Force is self-reliant, adequately trained and equipped to preside over policing responsibilities in all of Somalia.

“What have we done to develop their capacity; of getting their own trainers, capacitating them, mentoring them, and ensuring that they can train their own people?”, he posed the question.

“You need to start to do that, identify groups of Police officers from the Somalis, and train them to a level where they can go and do what you are doing,” Brig. Gen. Pillay said, in his parting shot.