Sunday, November 5, 2017

Somalia- Increasing Access to Quality Veterinary Drugs

Access to quality veterinary drugs to help in increasing milk productivity in Somalia remains a challenge for pastoralists.

Milk producers tend to purchase the cheapest veterinary drugs which often prove to be ineffective, resulting in a lack of disease resistance. To address this, DAI through Promoting Inclusive Markets (PIMS) developed business models with leading veterinary drug importers in Somaliland. The model helped deepen access and usage of quality veterinary drugs among the rural milk producers.
The PIMS programme is funded by UKaid and Denmark. PIMS contributes to private sector development and food security, by driving productivity, livelihood and job creation in value-chains important to the economic lives of the poor and marginal communities in selected regions of Somalia. Since PIMS’s inception, over 12,700 smallholder farmers and small businesses have received information and technical knowledge on the use and availability of better farming techniques and inputs including animal feeds and veterinary drugs.
Over 9,500 rural milk producers of which 40% are women have had access and use quality veterinary drugs. The access also includes veterinary advisory services offered to pastoralists as explained by Agrovet Dealer, Gedi Haan: “After receiving training, we have gained more trust from the community. They now see us as well trained practitioners who are better placed to treat their animals …. Now I have enough knowledge to help introduce and explain to pastoralists why the drugs help, which I would have otherwise not known.”
Source -UK in Somalia