Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Somalia/Somaliland Weekly Drought Response Update

(Relief Web)- Two million children reached through Save the Children’s drought response.

Over the last nine months, more than two million children have benefited from lifesaving support of the drought response programme launched and implemented by Save the Children since February 2017 in Somalia. This was in response to the increasing need of humanitarian assistance to drought affected community in Somalia/Somaliland.

Before the intervention thousands of households faced a myriad of challenges such as displacement, lack of access to basic health care services, inadequate access to food and water, disruption of education cycle and increasing cases of child protection concerns in IDP camps. In light of this, the response prioritized to address concerns in nutrition and health, food security and livelihoods(FSL),water sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), and child protection sectors.
With support from donors, partners and a workforce of 2,800 staff, two million children benefited from malnutrition screening and treatment, school feeding and water programme, provision of school learning materials, provision of hygiene kits and psychosocial counseling services.

Overall, the response has reached over 3.2 million people to date in Somalia/Somaliland.

Situation Updates


Cases of AWD in Borama district is on the rise due to poor sanitation and usage of untreated rain water. 14 cases were admitted during the reporting period.

Many areas in Somaliland have not received rainfall. The situation of drought affected people is deteriorating and the need for humanitarian aid is increasing day by day.

South and Central Somalia

Light showers received in most villages of Abduwak and Blanbale districts. Communities have taken advantage of the showers and have continued to harvest water.

According to JIRA report, 168 households of IDPs, including children, arrived in Dhobley town in Lower Jubba, Edkiyaal and Duceysane IDP camp. As a result cases of separated and vulnerable children in the camps has significantly increased.


10 of 17 districts in Puntland received rain with the remaining districts in great need of water supply.
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