Thursday, November 9, 2017

Why are Somaliland elections historical?

(Medeshi)- The technology that will be used may not have much impact on the elections in the Republic of Somaliland, but it is a historic event in the world, especially in Africa.

It is the first place in the continent of Africa where  people will vote  using  modern technology. The election, with more than seven hundred thousand registered voters, is competed by three candidates from the three political parties.
Muse Bihi is the presidential candidate of  Kulmiye party
Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi (Cirro) is the presidential candidate  of Waddani party  while Faisal Warabe is the presidential candidate for UCID party.

The incumbent president is not standing for another term:

What makes the somaliland election different from the other elections in Africa is that the incumbent president – Ahmed M Silanyo – is not standing for another term in the office.
The election campaign began on October 21, safely, without any problems, and restrictions from the government.
The National Election Commission (NEC) has spent much time  in preparing for the presidential elections without any problems .
Even though the election has been repeatedly delayed, the final presidential election will take place on November 13th. 2017

The role of modern technology in the elections:

The Western World are  the forefront in using modern technology in elections but it is new to Africa.
It will be the first time in Africa that Iris smart system is used  in the face recognition to identify a registered voter. The system will also detect if somebody attempts  to double vote.

These Iris smart system tools  will be delivered to 1,642 polling stations located at the 21 Somaliland election sites.
60 international election observers have already arrived in Somaliland to observe the fairness of the elections. The Election Observation Mission (EOM) is funded by the United Kingdom.
“It is a historical event because the incumbent president is not standing for re-election in Somaliland” Says Dr. Michael Walls who lectures at University College London and who is the head of the Election Observation Mission(EOM).

The three presidential candidates have earlier participated in open debates in the capital. They also debated today at the BBC , HCTV and SBC TV.